Thinkware Interior Infrared Rear Camera for X800, F200PRO, X700, F790 Dash Cams and Multiplexer Box


【1080P FULL HD RECORDING】1080p Full HD with Infrared Lights for clear day and night recording quality with colored images during the day and infrared at night.

【WIDE-ANGLE VIEW】The 160-degree wide-angle view guarantees full coverage of the vehicle’s interior, keeping you and your passengers safe.

【COMPATIBILITY】Compatible with Thinkware X800, F790, F200 PRO and X700 dash cams and Multiplexer Box Accessory. The main dash cam unit can only support one additional camera accessory – either a Rear View Camera or Interior Infrared Camera, but not both at the same time.

【INFRARED】Infrared Lights with a wavelength of 940nm illuminate the interior of the vehicle in extremely low-light environments, ensuring a clear, bright, and detailed image, no matter how dark it is.

【RIDE SHARE】Perfect for ride-share drivers, truck drivers, and fleet managers

【REQUIRED ACCESSORY】To use the TWA-NIFR Interior Infrared Camera with the Multiplexer Accessory, the F200PRO Rear Camera Cable (TWA-F200PRORCAB) is required.

Thinkware Multiplexer Box
Thinkware Exterior Side View Camera
Thinkware CPL Filter

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