Vantrue OBD Hardwire Cable for N4, N2 Pro (2023), E1, E1 Lite, E2, E3, S2, N2S, N1 Pro (2023), X4S, N4 Pro, N5 Dash Cam


  • 【24/7 Parking Surveillance】Directly to the battery for constant 24hrs/7days power to protect against theft when your car is in the parking lot.
  • 【Low voltage protection】It has a smart low voltage protection system that will automatically shut off the power to your dash cam when the battery voltage drops to 11.6V or 23.2V, thus preventing it from draining the battery.
  • 【For Type C Dash Cam】Type C USB plug compatible with Vantrue N4, E1, E1 Lite, E2, E3, S2-3CH, S2-2CH, N2S, X4S, N1 Pro Type C Edition(2023), T3 Type C usb dash cams

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