Thinkware F790 Dash Cam 4-CH Multiplexer Bundle #2


  • 【CLEAR VIDEO QUALITY WITH FULL HD AND HDR】 Combining Full HD video quality with High Dynamic Range, the F790 records everything with improved video sharpness, detail, and clarity. It records video footage in 1080p at 30fps and utilizes HDR to optimize the image quality by applying the appropriate contrast and exposure levels
  • 【SUPER NIGHT VISION 3.0】Ideal for late-night drivers, the F790 comes equipped with Thinkware’s latest Super Night Vision 3.0 technology, which boosts exposure levels in low light conditions and enhances video brightness so you don’t miss important details while driving at night
  • 【DEWARPING VIDEO TECHNOLOGY】The F790 utilizes Dewarping Technology to minimize image distortions typically caused by a wide-angle lens and delivers a close-to-real image of the world
  • 【DUAL-BAND WI-FI】Enjoy the best connectivity in any environment with the F790’s dual-band Wi-Fi. Your iOS or Android smartphone can be connected to either the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bandwidth for faster file transfers
  • 【BUILT-IN GPS】 The built-in GPS makes it possible for you to embed data like location, time, and speed in recorded videos, while also enabling the F790 to warn you of upcoming red light and speed camera
  • 【UP TO 5-CHANNEL RECORDING】Customize your Thinkware setup to your surveillance needs thanks to the modular design of the multiplexer which allows you to add a combination of side, interior, and rear views to the main forward-facing dash cam
  • 【IDEAL FOR FLEETS & RIDESHARE DRIVERS】Get the whole picture and protect your investment against potentially fraudulent claims. Adding additional cameras with the Multiplexer will ensure that all details are captured from different angles for a complete and accurate description of the vehicle incident
  • 【CONVENIENT VIDEO FILE STORAGE & MANAGEMENT】To maximize file storage space and make file location convenient, recordings from the additional cameras are merged together and saved into one video file while recordings from the main dash cam unit are saved separately. Users will get 2 files for each recorded 1-minute segment – one for the main forward-facing dash cam and one for the additional views (rear, sides, and interior)
Thinkware 256GB microSDXC Memory Card
1 × Thinkware MicroSDXC Card
Thinkware CPL Filter
Thinkware iVolt Xtra External Dash Cam 7500 mAh Battery Pack
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